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Why Am I Having Trouble Finding a Job?

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Why Am I Having Trouble Finding a Job? – Looking Beyond Master Psychics. If you’re not having much luck finding a job, it has less to do with your resume and more to do with the energy blocks in your body. Energetically, you’re putting out vibes that other people, like employers, can pick up on. That’s why you’re not finding work as quickly as you’d like.

When you’re stuck emotionally, it keeps you from moving forward with your life physically. That’s why your phone isn’t ringing with job offers. Even if you mean well, you won’t experience great success professionally or financially until you’ve moved past whatever it is blocking you.

Clearing energy blocks takes time and diligence. It doesn’t happen overnight. You can, however, learn to release blocked energy in stages.

It starts with admitting that you have a problem. Then, you have to mindfully lift that energy out of your body. Picture placing it far away from where you’re sitting or standing.

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This is one way to get real about what is happening to you. Without awareness of the issue, you’re not able to heal it. Once that energy is safely outside of you, you’ll see it as neutral and worth changing.

Transmitting that energy requires you to make it spin and dissolve. Saying an affirmation helps. State that you are dissolving the block once and for all.

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Then, where the blocked energy once was, give yourself what is known as an energy massage. State that you feel well and are open to receiving what life has to offer. This affirms that you are ready for good things to happen to you.

Removing energy blocks helps with all areas of your life, not just professional and financial. The reason why you didn’t receive numerous job offers in the past was due to the fact that you weren’t ready to move forward energetically. Once you get past these obstacles, you open the door for good things to happen to you.

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