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What’s Your Purpose?

I speak to many people and they all ask me the same question; “What’s my purpose?”  That’s not an easy question to answer because it is something each person must discover on their own, as they continue in their own journey.

What’s Your Purpose? – Looking Beyond Master Psychics. Call 1-800-500-4155 now!

Sometimes the purpose we set out to have when we begin our quest, is not the one we finish with at the end of our journey.

I am still on a spiritual journey

I am still on a spiritual journey and nothing makes me angrier than the abuse of animals.

So I do what I can to help them by donating monthly, however I feel that somewhere down the road my purpose will grow to help them further.  I have three rescue cats and one dog I bought from a breeder.

The most well behaved of all my animals are the shelter cats, because they are the ones who are accustomed to hands touching them and they are thankful for having a loving home and someone to care for them.

I am still on a spiritual journey

We can have more than one purpose. I have more than one purpose, my first purpose is to inspire to guide to heal to empower others who find themselves to me.  My second purpose is to heal others as a yoga teacher, my third purpose is to help animals and my fourth purpose is to remember that while on Earth I am a magical aid to humans, but when my time expires I will return to my world and be with my eternal family.

We all have a purpose or rather more than one.  Once you find out what yours is, you will also uncover a feeling of peace and empowerment.

I’d love to assist you on this magical journey

I’d love to assist you on this magical journey, allow me to guide you and help you in this enchanted journey, we can do a past life discovery, we can also do a guided meditation there are many methods to finding out your purpose.  Call me!

Also check out my YouTube channel Eliza Talks Tarot my next tarot video comes out tomorrow featuring the Thoth Tarot I explain briefly about the accuracy of the tarot prior to the reading.

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