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Traveling Down My Path by Susan Page founder of Looking Beyond

Hello, I am Susan Page founder of Looking Beyond. In about 1979 I was selling real-estate and I was a single parent raising my two wonderful boys. I loved being a Realtor mostly because it gave me the flexibility to spend time with my sons. Take them places and attend school functions.

A man I worked with happen to mention the Berkeley Psychic Institute in San Jose to me. He told me a bit about the Institute and the classes he had been taking there. I was intrigued, and felt drawn to find out more. Furthermore, I was always very sensitive and used my institution a lot. And often wondered about learning to develop it further.

I Got a Psychic Reading at the Berkeley Psychic Institute in San Jose

I decided to go check it out. So, I got a psychic reading at the Berkeley Psychic Institute in San Jose from a student Psychic Reader, then signed up for a mediation class. They offered several classes at that time, I think I took all of them.

One day when I was at the Institute, the person who was in charge invited me to take their Clairvoyant program. It was a year long commitment, but it felt right to me, so I signed up.

At First During the Clairvoyant Program

At first during the Clairvoyant program, we were taught methods the improve upon what we had learned in the classes I had already taken. I also learned a process that fit with me to look at the energy around people and the questions they were asking me. Next, we started doing readings for people as a group of about six or seven, each taking turns reading for them. I was going with the flow, so to speak, but I was intimated at first.

Traveling Down My Path by Susan Page founder of Looking Beyond. Call 1-800-500-4155 now.

My experience was much different than what I thought it would be. The reason is I noticed when I was “looking” at some information for people, it was often exactly what my fellow student was saying. That amazed me. Also, when it was my turn, other people would laugh and say they were “looking” at what I was saying.

We Were All Amazed

In the very beginning, we were all amazed, to see the person surprised at what we were saying. Many times the person would say, “How did you know that?” Soon I learned to just relax into what I was hearing, seeing and feeling. That is when it became a lot of fun.

The hardest thing I ever told a person back then was that saw him as a very petite little Caucasian girl with long blond hair. He was a large black man. That picture kept coming up in my mind, so I thought it might be important for him to know.

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He laughed and said, “You’re good. I’ve been told by many psychics that was me in a recent past life.” I was relieved!

When the year was up and the Clairvoyant program was over, the students in my class and I graduated and went on to different things. I started doing readings professionally and ultimately created Looking Beyond Master Psychics!

Even more, I have fond memories and even though I had no idea at that time, I now have my connection with you and many others. I am very blessed!

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Lots of love and many blessings to you, Susan.

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