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Boost Your Energy

Boost Your Energy!

We’re all guilty of it, skipping breakfast; having a cup of coffee and assuming that will hold us through our day; then surprise noon arrives and now we are ready for a nap!

Boost Your Energy – Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers. Call 1-800-500-4155 now!

So what do you do?  Well first wise up! Don’t skip the morning meal. It’s like getting in your car and turning it on with the tank on empty and wondering why it won’t start?  How about the fact that it needs fuel.

Your body needs carbs to run

Your body needs carbs to run. Now a days everyone is so scared of eating too much carbs. Here’s a secret in order to burn carbs you first need to consume them. The maximum carbs assumption for women is about 300-400 men about 500 daily!  This gives you the energy you need to plow through your day without experiencing too much drainage.

Next time and I understand that not everyone can do this but movement. Assuming you work from nine to five in an office. You don’t have the luxury to go out and spend an hour doing yoga like those of us who work from home. But you can take an hour lunch break and walk to a place to eat. Have a nice healthy meal. Also don’t eliminate stretching! Get up reach up and stretch!

We are not meant to be curled over a computer for eight hours!

We are not meant to be curled over a computer for eight hours! The body has to move to stimulate the mind and the organs.

I always suggest yoga, not only because I’m trained with 500 hours to teach it. But because it is proven to work, I was so exhausted by four pm today I did not know what to do. I could not have coffee, I don’t drink it black and I don’t have milk available.

So what I did was I put on some music for an hour. Pulled out my mat and began doing my yoga for an hour, as you can see the result is positive!

I have all the energy that a cup of coffee would have given me, except the energy from yoga will carry me throughout my day.

This is why it is so important to move. Get up from your desk. Stretch your arms and legs. Take a fifteen to twenty minute walk if at all possible get the blood pumping and the heart going again!  Watch how your body will respond.

The brain will realize something is going on and then it will send messages to the body, we are alert! We’re moving, wake up!!

The body being the workers of the brain. Obey the commands that they hear and the heart keeps the blood pumping and the energy starts flowing!

Result, you turn from sluggish to super-charged.

Now I don’t like consuming water throughout my day. However, I have noticed if I squeeze some lemon into my water. It tastes so much nicer and I’m getting all the essential vitamins that I need.

Perhaps you’re like I am. Reluctant to consume eight glasses of water, well spice it up. The next time you go shopping purchase a bag of lemons or limes and squeeze them into your water. Notice the flavor is really nice! I literally cannot drink water unless it has lemon in it.

Energy bars, they do work, granola bars they are a natural source of energy just like tea is.

Music, if you are in an office but you have a portable radio at your desk. Put on some good ole rock n roll, just loud enough for your ears only, and you will find your energy start to pick up.

Remember being a child and riding the school bus

Remember being a child and riding the school bus and the bus driver had the radio jamming! Wasn’t that the best, you heard all the best songs and at times even sang along or tapped your feet to the beat or shook your head.

Music has that kind of power, it can really raise your spirits, which is why they play music in some churches to get their congregation motivated and lift the energy.

The reason for this is to raise the vibration and the energy

Witches before beginning any ritual have a drum circle. Where members of the coven will beat on bongos and others shake tambourines. The reason for this is to raise the vibration and the energy of the visitors who come and join inl.

It works the coven raises their energy and the visitors feel the energy raise as well.

Aroma, believe or not scents have a direct effect on your mood, I always burn incense  when I’m doing my readings or I light a scented candle depending on the scent the effect will differ.

Usually citrus scents excite us and make us happy

Usually citrus scents excite us and make us happy. And so do floral scents, now musky scents like frankincense or lavender relax our mental state. And transition us into a relaxed state of mind, which is why we drink chamomile or lavender tea before bed.

Colors have an effect have you noticed that in hospital doctors wear white and their nurses wear blue, this is not because they like those colors, it’s because patients are comforted by those colors. They feel relaxed they’re minds look at white and blue and calm down.

How about if you walked into an emergency room and the doctor wore blood red!? I’d run out of there so fast!  Why? Because red accelerates the heart rate it makes one anxious! Nervous and even scared.

How about black notice the occasion’s people wear black, funerals church, a romantic dinner.

These are serious situations black is an intense vibration!

Pink is fun and girly and reminds me of cotton candy and bubble gum. I love pink. I can’t say I love black. It is a dense color and it is a dark sad color. I love dark colors dark gold dark blue but the feeling is different  even your clothes have an impact on how you feel. Also, I usually wear yoga pants and a colorful top! I have on now red and gold!  And black and white yoga pants the vibration is laid back easy going likes to have fun.

So pay attention to what you eat in the morning coffee is not enough, move throughout your day, get up and stretch.

Play music to get the energy up, shake your head to the beat of classic rock.

Burn some incense or scented candles and notice what color outfit you are wearing and how it makes you feel?

Jazz up your water, put some lemon, orange or lime into it and change the taste improve it!

I trust these tips will help you have more energy throughout your day.

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The Age Of Experience - Call Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers 1-800-500-4155 now!
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The Age Of Experience

In life there are many misconceptions; the first one being age brings wisdom.

When I took martial arts. I will always remember my sifu. This is the  Chinese word for “Teacher”.  Getting back to my point. My sifu turned to a six year old little girl and told her “Go help Liz with Her Katas” . I didn’t like it but she was a black belt and I was a white belt!

The reason being she started learning from Sifu at age two. I began learning from him at age forty.  See the difference, I am older but she started at an earlier age than I did.  So she absorbed a lot more and by the time she was six she was a black belt. She knew all those advanced moves so well. That one day her dad was rough playing with her and she punched him in the mouth! Her dad called up Sifu and said, “Thank you”. My daughter will never have a problem with her dates.

The age we are does not bring experience. It’s not how old you are its how long you’ve been doing this that brings experience.

Another example I’d like to use is two of my yoga teachers. The first one my age has been doing it for forty years however she only centers herself on one form of yoga.

The second one has been dedicated to many branches of yoga for twenty two years and is a shining star.   What does this mean?  No two experiences are ever the same. I used to think that the one with more years knew more. But, I was mistaken. Because she limits herself to one branch.

That would be as if a psychic limits themselves to only their abilities. And does not stretch themselves to learn more, its good up to a point!  Then you are not being of service to yourself or to others!

I used to be a master in direct channeling. Which I still am. However, I did not understand the tarot. So I took it on myself to learn it when I was confident with the cards and how to read them. Now it was time to take on another challenge, astrology!

The more we know the more powerful we become

The more we know the more powerful we become and the more we can offer others; rather than being limited.

Time, dedication, passion and love are all master teachers, if you have these, it does not matter at what age you started!  It matters where you finish.

I have had third degree priests come to my home.  And, I have found it hilarious at the ignorance that came from their mouths. I have met old men in their upper sixties and been shocked at their lack of knowledge, but age does not bring wisdom.

Wisdom comes to all ages

Wisdom comes to all ages. I have seen six year old girls amaze me. And their mothers were a disappointment. Their kids aced my classes the moms failed miserably!

Wisdom is an experience that the Gods give us when they see just how much love, passion and dedication we have for something, then they hold our hands and guide us.

A fool walking down the road will not shape-shift into a wise-man merely because he has been walking down the road for ten years.

He needs to make stops along the way, and learn from those who know more, then he can expand his horizon.

That six year old girl could not amaze her father the way she did if it were not for Sifu.  A  fourth degree black belt.  She met him and he taught her the wisdom.  She just didn’t learn it on her own.

The Age Of Experience – Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers. Call 1-800-500-4155 now!

Wisdom is passed down from lineage to lineage

Wisdom is passed down from lineage to lineage and if we are reluctant to learn then forever the fool walking down the solitary road we will be.

I am always searching for more, the only thing preventing me from being a lawyer is I have no patience for paperwork! I’d sooner pull my hair out. However you never know what path the Gods will take me down next!  Half the fun is the mystery, the journey the adventure of getting there.

However never think to yourself you cannot learn this, or that you are past the age of learning.  That is complete nonsense.

The most amazing yoga master teacher was named B.K.S. Iyengar

The most amazing yoga master teacher was named B.K.S. Iyengar and he died at age 94 or 95 he taught one of the teachers who trained me to be a yoga teacher, his yoga is restorative.  Working with injuries and the body, from the brain to the feet. This man was an icon in the yoga community, although he started early in life he kept doing it every single day until his death. Dedication is the true teacher, not your biological age.  That number is as important as you make it.

When I was a child age twelve I told my girlfriends my brother George was old, he was only twenty! At the time.  But I was only twelve!  I’m turning 50 in a few weeks and contrary to what I thought about people in their fifties when I was a child. I’m just beginning to live!  I have a lot of things to accomplish in this lifetime.

Never permit another person to crush your spirit

Never permit another person to crush your spirit by telling you, what you can and cannot do, it’s not their place to say.  You need to follow the star and aim as high as the moon.  Remember your biological age does not mean you cannot learn something. It means you may need to be patient and take your time not compare yourself to those who are starting out in life.  If you are like me then yes you can learn but I will not ever compare myself. To a kid of thirteen, they are sponges and soak up the knowledge faster than I do.

Never compare yourself, go at your own pace and then you will reach your goals and amaze yourself!

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