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The Age Of Experience

In life there are many misconceptions; the first one being age brings wisdom.

When I took martial arts. I will always remember my sifu. This is the  Chinese word for “Teacher”.  Getting back to my point. My sifu turned to a six year old little girl and told her “Go help Liz with Her Katas” . I didn’t like it but she was a black belt and I was a white belt!

The reason being she started learning from Sifu at age two. I began learning from him at age forty.  See the difference, I am older but she started at an earlier age than I did.  So she absorbed a lot more and by the time she was six she was a black belt. She knew all those advanced moves so well. That one day her dad was rough playing with her and she punched him in the mouth! Her dad called up Sifu and said, “Thank you”. My daughter will never have a problem with her dates.

The age we are does not bring experience. It’s not how old you are its how long you’ve been doing this that brings experience.

Another example I’d like to use is two of my yoga teachers. The first one my age has been doing it for forty years however she only centers herself on one form of yoga.

The second one has been dedicated to many branches of yoga for twenty two years and is a shining star.   What does this mean?  No two experiences are ever the same. I used to think that the one with more years knew more. But, I was mistaken. Because she limits herself to one branch.

That would be as if a psychic limits themselves to only their abilities. And does not stretch themselves to learn more, its good up to a point!  Then you are not being of service to yourself or to others!

I used to be a master in direct channeling. Which I still am. However, I did not understand the tarot. So I took it on myself to learn it when I was confident with the cards and how to read them. Now it was time to take on another challenge, astrology!

The more we know the more powerful we become

The more we know the more powerful we become and the more we can offer others; rather than being limited.

Time, dedication, passion and love are all master teachers, if you have these, it does not matter at what age you started!  It matters where you finish.

I have had third degree priests come to my home.  And, I have found it hilarious at the ignorance that came from their mouths. I have met old men in their upper sixties and been shocked at their lack of knowledge, but age does not bring wisdom.

Wisdom comes to all ages

Wisdom comes to all ages. I have seen six year old girls amaze me. And their mothers were a disappointment. Their kids aced my classes the moms failed miserably!

Wisdom is an experience that the Gods give us when they see just how much love, passion and dedication we have for something, then they hold our hands and guide us.

A fool walking down the road will not shape-shift into a wise-man merely because he has been walking down the road for ten years.

He needs to make stops along the way, and learn from those who know more, then he can expand his horizon.

That six year old girl could not amaze her father the way she did if it were not for Sifu.  A  fourth degree black belt.  She met him and he taught her the wisdom.  She just didn’t learn it on her own.

The Age Of Experience – Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers. Call 1-800-500-4155 now!

Wisdom is passed down from lineage to lineage

Wisdom is passed down from lineage to lineage and if we are reluctant to learn then forever the fool walking down the solitary road we will be.

I am always searching for more, the only thing preventing me from being a lawyer is I have no patience for paperwork! I’d sooner pull my hair out. However you never know what path the Gods will take me down next!  Half the fun is the mystery, the journey the adventure of getting there.

However never think to yourself you cannot learn this, or that you are past the age of learning.  That is complete nonsense.

The most amazing yoga master teacher was named B.K.S. Iyengar

The most amazing yoga master teacher was named B.K.S. Iyengar and he died at age 94 or 95 he taught one of the teachers who trained me to be a yoga teacher, his yoga is restorative.  Working with injuries and the body, from the brain to the feet. This man was an icon in the yoga community, although he started early in life he kept doing it every single day until his death. Dedication is the true teacher, not your biological age.  That number is as important as you make it.

When I was a child age twelve I told my girlfriends my brother George was old, he was only twenty! At the time.  But I was only twelve!  I’m turning 50 in a few weeks and contrary to what I thought about people in their fifties when I was a child. I’m just beginning to live!  I have a lot of things to accomplish in this lifetime.

Never permit another person to crush your spirit

Never permit another person to crush your spirit by telling you, what you can and cannot do, it’s not their place to say.  You need to follow the star and aim as high as the moon.  Remember your biological age does not mean you cannot learn something. It means you may need to be patient and take your time not compare yourself to those who are starting out in life.  If you are like me then yes you can learn but I will not ever compare myself. To a kid of thirteen, they are sponges and soak up the knowledge faster than I do.

Never compare yourself, go at your own pace and then you will reach your goals and amaze yourself!

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