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Past Lives

Have You Ever Wondered Who You Were in a Past Life?

Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life or how those experiences affect you in present time? As a clairvoyant. I have been noticing lately how some of my clients are really being affected by their past lives.

For instance. One friend stays in a bad relationship. Because, in her last life she lost her true love to death. She doesn’t believe she can have anyone better. And, certainly doesn’t deserve happiness either. She blames herself for not dying before him and having to life a lonely life.  Because of this she feels she needs to be punished. She looks for faults in everything. And, she does and thus she hates herself for always doing the wrong things. That feeling and those thought have been nagging at her. But she is so used to this pattern so she thinks it is just the way things are. Knowing about her past lives helped her move forward and be happy with herself. And her new life.

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Coming into a life where you are so stuck on past life pictures can be harmful. By having your past lives read and understanding how they are affecting you in present time. Can help you to have important awareness and get out of the blame game. Often, we just need to see the bigger picture to forgive ourselves and let go, to bring in that golden light of grace.

If You are Concerned that Perhaps a Past Life if Affecting You

If you are concerned that perhaps a past life if affecting you and your current relationship. I would love to read for you. Even if I am not currently logged on with our company, they will call me. I will make time for you. All my clients are like friends to me. I deeply care about them and the quality of readings I give sometimes to a fault.

Some of you may not know this about me. But I became an artist almost overnight. Because, I was triggered by two past lives that were triggered at the same time. Within a three week period I started doing masterpiece quality art. I entered my drawings in the Napa County Fair and won first place. And, now I have a studio and gallery in the mid-west. I focus most of my time creating art and doing readings for people just like you.

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Please call now, 1-800-500-4155 to get a reading. We hope to hear from you soon and help you create what you really want in your life, making your dreams become reality.