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Time to Get Ready for Love…

The Moon is waxing full. And, we will find ourselves thinking of love, feeling venerable, and craving the Other who balances ourselves. Why? the Moon is in Libra the sign of Two, the Balance. Also, someone always invites Venus to the party and she has been showing us our heart’s desires and treasured romantic fantasies, and encouraging us to indulge ourselves.

In the midst of it all is the lunar eclipse

In the midst of it all is the lunar eclipse, the Perfect Alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth. Try to imagine that same alignment of positive, powerful energy inside of you. It is like your heart is forming into a compass that can only point to love. Be open to guidance that comes out of the blue and yet feels right to you, as Uranus might bring you a plan of action to get you to your desires in an unexpected way.

Time to Get Ready for Love – Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers. Call 1-800-500-4155 now!

In the old days I remember making a List of all the things I was looking for in a man. I folded it up, hid it away and found it a year later. Because, I had written down that “the man I had married was not what I thought I wanted but, turned out to be exactly what I needed!” So, I remembered how I was not looking for love, I was looking for a job and my cards kept saying that I would be married before the end of the year, that I would be signing my wedding certificate and many others. I got so mad at one point I swept the cards off the table!

So I had to say I was sorry to the Universe when I started my new job in a wedding chapel, met my husband to be the first day on the job, signed many, many wedding certificates and then signed my own on the last day of the year!

Instead of listing what you are looking for in someone else think about making a List of You

How about sitting down and making a List?  Instead of listing what you are looking for in someone else think about making a List of You. List everything that is good about yourself, and then list the things that you feel proud of being, list the way you love and how deeply and then list what you passionate about.

Think about it this way…somewhere there is the person who is looking for you and on their List they are writing down all the things you already are!! You are already perfect for them as they for you.  You are making a list and telling the future love of your life how incredibly lucky they are that you are meant for them!

Then fold it up a offer it to Venus who is dancing with Neptune in the Heavens. They would tell you that special orders don’t upset them…in fact they already have someone in mind…

Until next time… stay calm and carry on.

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– Marcia

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