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Signs from the Gods

Yesterday, March 25 I went to PF Chang’s with my mother and my boyfriend to celebrate my 50th birthday.

Everything was pretty good and I mentioned to my mother “A wise person once said ‘Nothing is impossible; the impossible only takes a little longer. ”

Signs from the Gods – Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers. Call 1-800-500-4155 now!

So we finished eating and a waiter handed us three fortune cookies. When I opened mine it read: “Nothing is impossible to a willing heart!”

I could not speak! I just sat there staring at it and finally exclaimed “OH MY GOD!!”.  Then I read it to my mother and said, “This is a sign, I am on the right path and as I said to you nothing is impossible. The impossible only takes a little longer, this is validating what I quoted to you!”

We need to have faith in miracles and know that the Gods are with us always

Furthermore, we need to have faith in miracles and know that the Gods are with us always. No matter how tiring the journey gets.  We must keep our eyes open for signs, because they happen when you are ready to receive the message and not when you want to hear it.

Always believe in the unbelievable, strive to achieve the unachievable, and be the person who you never thought you would be, by trusting in the spirit guides and Gods that guide you.

That’s how you unlock the door to miracles

That’s how you unlock the door to miracles, and miracles are all around us, every day.

So be open to what you normally would not be open to and be a believer in the spirits in yourself and in magic!

That’s how to create an enchanted life.

I will keep my fortune because it serves as a reminder to believe in magic!

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