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Learning about Psychic Readers

If you’re just learning about Psychic Readers, it is common to be a little confused or overwhelmed. After all, Master Psychic Readers can possess any number of gifts that help them tap into the Universal Energy to obtain information and very accurate answers. But the way in which they tap into the Universal Energy is what makes them different from one another. Below is a list of different types of Psychic Readers and tools that can help you.

Learning about Psychic Readers. Call 1-800-500-4155 now!


A Clairvoyant Psychic Reader is able to visualize a specific situation that a person may be in, whether it is their past, present or future. As the Psychic visually puts themselves in your shoes, they can see your environment and the people that surround you. From that information, they can determine how you might want to proceed.


The Clairaudient Psychic Reader has the extremely specific skill of being able to hear information about a client’s past, present or future. Whereas the clairvoyant sees your environment, the clairaudient can hear information about it. They can also hear about the people in your life. You’d be amazed how much important information a clairaudient can tap into.

Tarot Card Reader

A Tarot Card Psychic Reader is a type of Psychic that uses Tarot Cards to gain insight into the past, present and future of a client. From your questions, the cards are laid out in a specific order and the Psychic Reader interprets the cards specifically for your life.


The Psychic Empath is a Master Psychic Reader who is able to truly feel the emotions of another person. So the Psychic Empath will actually feel what you are feeling. If you have a hard time understanding your own emotions, the Psychic Empath can tune in directly to your feelings and help you understand them better.


Psychic Channelers are Master Psychics who are able to communicate with those that have passed away. They do this by letting the spirit speak through them using the psychic’s voice and body as a portal.

Remote Viewer

Psychic Remote Viewers have a very unique skill; they can see the location of people or objects in their mind’s eye. If a loved one is lost, or you just want to know how they’re doing, the remote viewer may be able to help you.

Spirit Medium

Spirit Mediums are Psychic Readers that have the extraordinary ability to communicate with various types of spirit voices, including those who have passed on.

Candle Worker

The Candle Worker employs different kinds of candles to translate information given to them by the Universal Energy. As you read through the list, did any of the descriptions mean more to you than others? Then try speaking to that type of Psychic Reader or one that uses a tool that interests you.

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If you are looking for answers about your life, love, relationships, money, career, or travel, our Master Psychic Readers can help you. Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers can give you the very accurate answers you need. There’s comfort in knowing.

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The Psychic Empath - Blog post by Looking Beyond Master Psychics. Call 1-800-500-4155 now!
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The Psychic Empath

The Psychic Empath is a Master Psychic who is truly able to feel the emotions of another person. Through their special connection to the Universal Energy, a Psychic Empath will receive information emotionally instead of visually or aurally like a clairvoyant or clairaudient. For instance, if a person is joyous about finding the love of their life, the empath will feel that love and joy. If a client is confused about a work situation or relationship, the Empath will also feel that confusion, but they can add clarity to all your situations.

Just as important, an Empathic Reader can tell you what someone else is feeling too.

It’s a truly special gift.

Why would you need a psychic to tell you how you’re feeling?

But why would you need a psychic to tell you how you’re feeling? Because sometimes emotions are complex and varied and happen all at once; it can be hard to decipher them. The talents of a Psychic Empath aren’t just about feeling what their clients are feeling; they can then interpret the best next steps to take based on those feelings. A Psychic Empath can really give you clarity to assist you in your life.

You can speak with one of our Master Psychic Empaths today

You can speak with one of our Master Psychic Empaths today. If you feel you could use some guidance, give us a call at 1-800-500-4155. We are here for you.

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