Manifesting Money to Pay Bills - Audio Session*

This audio is dedicated to helping eliminate negative energy around a specific bill that is a consistent problem for you.
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*This audio session helps eliminate negative energy and create a positive mindset to attract positive prosperous energy and does not guarantee your financial advancement or stability.

This audio session with Cimi is dedicated to helping you eliminate negative energy around a specific bill that seems to be a consistent problem for you to come up with the money to pay the bill.

Often times we experience hang-ups with a bill payment due to hidden reasons in the subconscious mind. Learn to eliminate the hidden agendas now.

This audio can also be used to neutralize hidden emotions related to people, places, events or things so you can move forward.

Letting go immediately lightens your spirit.

When feelings of the past are neutralized you feel healed in your mind and ready to have a peaceful heart!

The more you use this audio the better it will work for you.

(Audio Session length 31:16)

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