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Reiki Healing

The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words. Rei, which means “God’s Wisdom” or “Higher Power” and Ki, which means “life force energy”. Reiki is the idea of a “spiritually-guided life force energy”. Developed in Japan. Reiki Healing employs the idea that life force energy flows through us. It is responsible for our well-being. If this energy is low, then we may be feeling ill or stressed. When it’s high, we feel happy and healthy. Reiki healing reduces stress, promotes relaxation and healing. Some of the Psychic Readers at Looking Beyond Master Psychics are experts at Reiki Healing.

Reiki Healing – Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers. Call 1-800-500-4155 now!

So how does Reiki Healing work exactly?

First of all, you must understand that the life force flows throughout the body through chakras. And, around the body through one’s aura. This life force nourishes the cells of the mind, body and spirit. The life force is highly responsive to our thoughts and feelings. So, if we accept or create negative thoughts and feelings about ourselves. Our life force is damaged or diminished. Its ability to supply the mind, body and spirit with vital energy is diminished as well.

Especially relevant, a Reiki healer has a strong ability to tap into the life energy flowing through a person’s body. Furthermore, the healer charges the damaged parts of the mind, body and spirit with positive energy. Without even touching the other person. Guided by energy consciousness, the healer lets their hands pass through the aura and energy around the person’s body. Thus, infusing positive energy into places where negative energy is located. As a result, the negative energy dissipates, the energy pathways are cleared to allow for strong, positive flow again. The life force can travel naturally and therefore healthily, throughout the body, mind and spirit again.

If you think you might benefit from Reiki healing, give us a call and we’ll connect you with a Master Psychic who specializes in Reiki.

Here are some of our Psychic Readers who use Reiki

Clairvoyant and Remote Viewing Psychic Pamela

In conclusion, if you are looking for information about Reiki or answers about your life, love or relationships. Certainly, our Master Psychic Readers can help you. Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers can give you the very accurate answers you need. There’s comfort in knowing.

Call now for your very accurate Psychic Reading 1-800-500-4155.

Love & Blessings Susan Page

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