My mission is to enhance people’s lives to be better than the best that they could possibly imagine!

I provide the highest quality healings that create positive, beneficial, tangible, measurable, permanent results and promote joyful, happy, healthy, wealthy lifestyles to people seeking expanded spiritual awareness and consciousness.

I am committed to building long-term relationships, operating with the utmost of integrity.

I provide top quality information and services to those who seek a better lifestyle.

I strive continually to improve the process I utilize in order to meet the ever-expanding conscious needs of humanity.

Please call 1-800-500-4155 today to schedule your reading with Cimi.

Reading for Looking Beyond since: 2021

Psychic Reading Experience:
Over 30 Years professional Psychic Reading experience

Psychic Gifts:
Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Medium, Connects to divine source to ask information that serves that client the best.

Psychic Reading Specialties:
Relationships, Manifesting your permanent lifemate, Career / Financial Path, Healings, Chakra Clearing, Negative Energy Clearing, Reiki, Communicating with deceased love ones, Spiritual Path

Psychic Reading Tools:
Reiki, Healing, Chakra Clearing

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