I treat each individual Psychic Reading according to the questions the client has.

If they have questions about someone else, for work, love, family, or just curiosity.

I can use their connection with them, and through you I can answer the questions. If you have their birth date and name, that is even better.

I give you perspective on any worry, situation, or goal you may have. And I believe in the power and practice and the disciplines of Positive Thinking.

I am a believer that you can harness the power and ability to attract light and good in your life by focusing your energies.

I know God gives us so many opportunities to live a better life. Somehow we all need to be guided to our center, to realize that, and refocus our goals and paths to living a better life.

PAMELA’S AVAILABILITY: Daily from 7:00 pm until 11:00 pm PST

Please call 1-800-500-4155 today to schedule your reading with Pamela.

Reading for Looking Beyond since: 2003

Psychic Reading Experience:
Over 30 Years professional Psychic Reading experience

Psychic Gifts:
Channelling, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Empath, Intuitive, Medium, Pet Psychic, Remote viewing, Dream Interpretation

Psychic Reading Specialties:
Dream Interpretation, Emotional well-Being, Past Life Interpretation, Pets, Spiritual Growth, Crystals and Tarot, Loss-Grieving, Path finding, Career / Finance, Family / Friends, Love / Relationships, Life Coaching, channel drawing/art & automatic writting

Psychic Reading Tools:
Angel Cards, Astrology, Crystals and Tarot, Candlework , Chakras, Natalastrology, Numerology, Reiki, Spirit guides, Cartomancy, Color and element therapy

More About Master Psychic Pamela

When and how did you discover you are Psychic?

As a child I knew I had special gifts and the psychic ability to tune-in to people and animals. My family line has Psychic Readers that go back several generations. We have always passed down and shared tools, gifts and encouragement to develop and use the gifts God gave each and every one of us. Also, I have the knowledge of working with soothing energies from stones, to the herbs. Furthermore, I have the ability to work in communication channeling information from Archangels, Angels and Spirit guides.

Please give some examples of the types of Psychic Readings you do based on your specialties.

For my clients, new or repeat. I can use any of the above mentioned disciplines. Dream Interpretation, Emotional Well- Being, through your connection with your pets, family, friends and other issues, If you need Life Coaching, to see where your path leads you- your destiny, If you need me to tap into channeling the Archangels/Angels- deceased loved ones or relatives, are experiencing the loss and are grieving, have questions about your relationships, career & finance- I have several years of experience and a long list of repeat clients that I have an excellent track record that reflects who I am and what my gifts can do for you. I can use Crystals and Tarot while I give Psychic Readings.

What has been your greatest moment as a Psychic Reader?

My greatest moment may have been teaching Tarot to Susan Blakely for her guest appearance on Walker Texas Ranger for her part as a psychic. Susan wore a customized necklace balanced with stones and crystals on the show, which was made for her by me. Also, I have so many great experiences helping people. People call me back to tell me whether it is several days or years later. I have enjoyed having the feedback that I foretold events or helped someone better their path. There are too many to tell and each and every one of my clients are loved.

Client Testimonials for Clairvoyant and Remote Viewing Psychic Pamela

Sometimes I feel “What would I do without Pamela!” I have been reading with her for 15 years. She is an angel on earth. Extremely accurate. Extremely caring and non-judgmental. I would trust her with my life if I had too. She teaches you to use the tools you have inside and to trust your intuition and to have faith in yourself. She gets through a lot in 20 minutes and you feel very satisfied after your reading, but you may want to extend as well. Extremely enjoyable readings. She is to the point and truthful. She does not sugar coat. After my readings with Pamela I feel hopeful, stronger, happy and reassured that life if beautiful and that you have to go through the down times. She is an animal lover as well, all species! She is truly an amazing person. Please don’t miss out on Pamela. God has sent her to us. – SD, California.

Pamela is my rock! She is so accurate and supportive. I always count on her. She has helped me through very tough situations with her answers to my specific questions and with her own insights and ideas. Pamela is an important part of my life. I’m so glad she is one of your psychic readers! – M.

I would consider Pamela a very special, gifted reader, who has been so accurate with our readings and really cares about me!! So, thanks to Looking Beyond, I finally found somebody that I can actually confide in! – R.

Pamela really knew what she was talking about, and did not take up too much time. Was very clear and able to explain things clearly. – L. K.

I really liked her! She is the best! – M. S.

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