Master Psychic Claire has 28 years of professional Reading experience and is an Intuitive Astrologer with many natural gifts such as Clairvoyance and Clairsentience. She is also Empathic, a Pet Psychic and can Time Major Life Events.

Along with Astrology, Claire uses tools such as Tarot, Druid Animal Oracle, Symbolon Deck, Numerology and more. She uses her intuitive gifts and then chooses the best tools to use based on the information a client is looking for.

Claire uses Tarot cards to answer questions on what will happen, the Symbolon deck is good for tuning into feeling questions, and the Druid Animal Oracle is good for tuning into larger phases of a person’s life. Also, she likes to use the Phoenix cards for tuning into the past life affecting someone currently.

Claire tailors her readings to the question that the client is asking. If it’s a relationship question, she likes to look at their charts in the ephemeris and see how their planets complement each other. She always uses her  intuition too. She likes to start with astrology because it tells her what the person is going through in that domain.

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Reading for Looking Beyond since: 2022

Psychic Reading Experience:
Over 28 Years professional Psychic Reading experience

Psychic Gifts:
Clairvoyant,  Clairsentient, Empath, Intuitive, Pet Psychic, Timing Major Life Events

Psychic Reading Specialties:
Love, Relationships, Career & Finance, Path finding, Emotional Well-Being, Past Life Interpretation, Family / Friends Issues, Pets, Spiritual Growth, Loss / Grieving, Life Coaching, Life Destiny

Psychic Reading Tools:
Astrology, Cartomancy, Crystals, Candlework, Chakras, Natalastrology, Numerology, Reiki, Spirit guides, Tarot, Druid Animal Oracle, Symbolon deck.

More About Master Psychic Claire

Please tell us how you got started using your gifts and tools.

I started learning cards from a friend of my mom’s when I was 16, and at that time mom used to buy me Astrology magazines, I put these things aside for years, and then gradually began to learn the Tarot and Astrology.

When I started doing readings professionally, I learned much more. I worked in mental health and have a BA from the University of Colorado, which helps me in my readings. I’ve also been a life coach on a volunteer basis.

When and how did you discover you are Psychic?

In 1972 when I refused to ride in a car across a frozen river with some friends. The next day on the news, we had seen that a serious incident had occured and a car had gone into the river at that exact location. My friends that were in the car with me that day were my best friends after that.

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