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How to Meditate

Meditation is simply removing all the noise from your mind; being still for a bit, so in a world of chaos! How do we meditate properly? It takes discipline.

First Pay Attention to your Clothing

First pay attention to your clothing, it is unwise to meditate in tight jeans, why? Because lets be real, how comfortable are you in tight jeans? You may look smashing but you won’t feel good about sitting in the same pose for an hour when your body is constricted! So step one, wear comfortable lose clothing, the type of clothing you’d wear to a yoga class, something that allows your body to move.

Turn Off Every Single Electronic Device that will Disturb you

Now you’re dressed for meditation this is really important, turn off every single electronic device that will disturb you. “OH MY GOD!! I can’t live without my cell phone!”  Yes you will have to live without your cell phone for one full hour, this may be a challenge but you can do it! Turn it off or silence it.  No loud television noise, so if you are with someone who is watching television you need to exit that room and go to a more secluded room absent of any external nose and distraction.

How to Meditate – Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers. Call 1-800-500-4155 now!

No animals this includes husbands, kids  dogs cats, horses or dragons! This is your time, so they need to be doing something else, and you can’t be watching them or worrying about them. Put them in the other room and don’t let them disturb you.

Okay so we’re dressed for meditation our electronics are muted, we are now in a secluded room, now ambiance; dim the lights and light a candle only one, the color of the candle I suggest be purple or blue, green is allowed.  Purple is to open up your crown chakra allowing the information to be received through your crown. light blue is to open up your third eye chakra so again information from the spirit is received. Green is for healing.

Burn Some Incense

Burn some incense, you can burn some nag champa or some lavender, both are acceptable and stimulate the psychic senses. Turn on if you like some calming zen meditation music to transport you.

Now sit with both legs crossed, your hands should be palms up on your lap, your chin slightly down, first step empty the mind of any noise so close your eyes and focus only on your breath, breathe in through your nose and feel the air filling up into your solar plexus, as you slowly exhale, imagine negative smoke eliminating from your nose and repeat this again, for four more breaths.

What we are accomplishing here is reducing your heart pulpatations and restoring calm into your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Allow Whatever Thoughts Enter your Mind to Simply Pass Through

Now allow whatever thoughts enter your mind to simply pass through it, do not try to hold on to the thought just observe it and let it go! Remember to keep breathing, this takes your attention to your breath and away from any noise. Always breathe through your nose and exhale through your nose.

Now notice all your surroundings evaporating, there are no walls, there is no ceiling, there is no floor, there is no couch, there is no table, all that remains is you, only you are present in this time and nothing else is real. Inhale through your nose, and fill up the belly! Then slowly exhale and release all that unwanted air.

Slowly Open your Eyes and Direct them Towards the Candle

After ten breaths you will slowly open your eyes and direct them towards the candle or candles, if you have more than one, look at the flame and notice the flickering light, how does this light make you feel?  What thoughts are going through your mind?  Remember not to contain your thoughts, but to merely observe them and allow them to pass, as if they were walking through a forest, on their way some place else. Do not try to rationalize anything just live in this moment, Inhale ans you look at the candle/s and slowly exhale!

Now take your arms stretch them over your head, as if you are holding a beach ball look up as you inhale, then bring your hands to prayer, and then bring them to your forehead as you exhale, then place them at your heart chakra.  Notice how you feel, where the energy is flowing; do you feel this energy more at your solar plexus?  Or at your root chakra at the base of your spine.

Allow yourself to connect to your body, how do your eyes feel?  How does your mouth feel?

Now allow your tongue to touch the top of your mouth and bring your hands back down palms up lay them on to your lap and inhale! Then slowly exhale.  Shake your head yes, shake your head no! Remove any stiffness; roll your shoulders and now close your eyes and breathe for ten. Slowly open your eyes and notice any feelings in your body, any thoughts, you may be having.

I offer guided meditation services

Congratulations! You have successfully meditated! I offer guided meditation services, all you need to do if you are interested on deepening your meditation abilities is call me. Please share any comments you may have if you enjoyed this blog.

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I look forward to connecting with you soon! Please call 1-800-500-4155 and ask for a reading.

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