Looking Beyond Master Psychics Frequently Asked Questions. Please find the frequently asked questions and their answers below. We hope these frequently asked questions and answers are helpful for you.

Looking Beyond Master Psychics Frequently Asked Questions

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Is information I provide kept confidential?

Yes, it is absolutely kept confidential. We never give your information to any third party for any reason. Additionally, we have been in business for over 25 and have always kept everything secure and confidential. We need your email to send you special discounts (opt out anytime). Your home / billing address to verify your credit card information. Your phone number to call you if the Psychic Reader you want to speak with is now available (with your permission of course). Or if there is a problem with your credit card. We need your credit card information as required by banks to be able to process your credit card for your Psychic Reading.

What information do you give the Psychic Reader about me?

We tell them your name, how many minutes you have purchased, and sometimes your birth date is given if the Psychic Reader requests it.

What about Psychic Reading discounts?

A New Customer Offer* is provided for people who have never purchased Psychic Reading minutes from Looking Beyond. New customers receive a 50% discount off a Psychic Reading of 20 minutes or more*. Additionally, you may get discounts from our weekly message (sign-up here, opt out anytime. Also, our text messages (opt in here, opt out anytime) and periodic mailings (with your permission). Also, discounts are available for our clients who refer new clients to us.

What happens to minutes I purchase but don’t use?

Minutes purchased but not used during your Psychic Reading remain available in your account for you to use during your next Psychic reading. The minutes stay available in your account until you use them and never expire.

– Our Psychic Readers –

Who tests the Psychic Readers?

I do, Susan Page the founder of Looking Beyond, Inc. Master Psychics in 1989.

How do you test the Psychic Readers?

I give them the first name of people I know very well and ask them to tell me whatever they see, hear or feel about each person.

I also ask them questions about things they can’t possibly know the answers to. Like something that happened to me as a child or something about my mother or father or my grandmother. It would be something I have never discussed with anyone.

It is also very important I “feel” their energy. And, know they are honest, caring people and love what they do.

I listen carefully and only allow them to work with us if I’m absolutely amazed at their answers and resonate with their energy.

How can I read for Looking Beyond?

You can follow this link and fill out the form to inquire to be a psychic for Looking Beyond.

 Why should I get a Psychic Reading?

People get readings for many reasons. They want to know what is going to happen. They, want additional information about a situation or feel something is missing and want confidence. Sometimes just want validation what they think is going on is right on or if they are missing something. And, lots of times want clarity and answers that expand their awareness and give them a enhance sense of well-being.

Where do Psychic Readers get their information?

They put themselves in a very light trance. Then they reach for the information from Source Energy, the energy that is here for all of us. But they have so much practice being connected, they can clearly see, hear and feel the answers to your questions.

Should I have questions ready?

Having questions is very helpful. That is because you give a Psychic Reader a place to focus.  Otherwise lots of information can come flooding in and can be confusing. However, even if it may be confusing to the Psychic Reader, it is likely you will know what they are talking about.

Is there anything else you should do?

Just relax and be yourself!

Looking Beyond Master Psychics Frequently Asked Questions. All of our Psychic Readers are extremely gifted listeners that follow a strict policy of confidentiality as well. We provide confidential Psychic Medium Readings, no matter what the topic. Clients need guidance on – jobs, business, career, relationships, love, pets, etc. The Master Psychics never discuss personal information or questions with anyone but you.

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Psychic Reading Testimonial - I have been calling Looking Beyond for years and every single time I am wowed! Thank you for hiring such professional, accurate and caring readers. - Stephanie

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Warmest thoughts sent to you!

Love & Blessings from Susan Page who founded Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers in 1989

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