Hello Everyone, We are very excited to have an updated blog at Looking Beyond Master Psychics. Certainly, we are looking forward to hearing from you and sharing lots of interesting information.

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Most of all, it seems I am always in a rush to do something or go somewhere. So, my days (daze) are passing as fast as a blink of an eye.

I Love Our Blog for Many Reasons

In addition, I love our blog for many reasons. But one I like most is I would like to use some of our space here to “stop time” and be ” in the moment”. Furthermore, what that means to me is to share the goodness of life with each other.

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To share the wonderful times and magical moments that I notice, then forget all to quickly.

Also, I would like to share affirmations, poetry, short stories, spiritual places and wonderful experiences we have.

Anything from a warm smile from a stranger, or a parking place right in the nick of time, or a healing of body, soul, mind and relationship.

I Hope You Will Join Me

I hope you will join me to keep us awake to the beauty of life, to feel the love of Spirit and to be nurtured by mother earth.

What is good about today?

The sun is shining it warmth on my body. The breeze is washing away my stress, stroking my hair and kissing my cheek.

A little girl is running on the grass, reminding me of freedom and mostly that you are reading this words.

Love and Blessings to All!

- Susan

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