The Importance of Being Positive - Call Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers 1-800-500-4155 now!

The Importance of Being Positive

The Importance of Being Positive – Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers. Call 1-800-500-4155 now!

So for this blog I wanted to share a few things and I feel everyone will benefit from these tips.  First of all let’s start with literature, “WHY?”

Well because certain authors are formula writers, “WHAT?”

Well take Mary Higgins Clark or my favorite author Jayne Anne Krentz, now all her books have a formula, betrayal, sex and strong empowered women!  Which is why I read them!

This brings me to my topic at hand, psychic professionals also follow a formula I like to begin with an aura scan and then I do a tarot astrology reading because both bring clarity to a person’s situation it goes deeper than if I were to only utilize one technique.

What you need to remember is when you call a reader immediately this is an energy exchange!

What you need to remember is when you call a reader immediately this is an energy exchange!  You feel their energy and they pick up on yours.

Let’s talk about Energy for a moment

Let’s talk about Energy for a moment, there is no such thing as neutral energy, only positive! Or Negative!  Positive attracts, negative repels!

So it’s pretty easy to distinguish the two.

Today I’m off but I decided to jump on a line and take a call, now this is what I heard and I want you to judge for yourself what the energy was.

I did a reading and the woman barked at me she did not like astrology and did not want me to explain what the tarot cards meant.

So how am I going to do a reading if I can’t explain to her the meaning of each card?  In case you’re wondering that energy was negative!

I felt very bad after she said all that and she did not want me do another reading, so okay fine!  But she had already contaminated my energy the minute she said, “I don’t want you to tell me the meaning of the cards I don’t like astrology.  “That is what I do, and what I don’t like is a person telling me how to do my reading, because the reading will not flow.  A reading has be an exchange of information “Universe Gods to Tool like tarot cards, tarot cards to Reader, and reader to customer.

It’s a smooth transition.  Heaven To tool or in some cases when we do direct channeling, Heaven to Reader and then Reader to Customer.

What can’t happen is the Customer takes the wheel and tells the reader how to talk to Heaven!  That disrupts the smooth flow, because Heaven gets upset and shuts up! And the reader gets upset so the information becomes lost!

Trust is what is needed here

Trust is what is needed here, I don’t wish to work with that person again, she left me tired and I think in my opinion she is ungracious.

This is about being in the moment, love and light.

Living a judge-free life and not crossing over boundaries.

We are all here on this world to serve the highest purpose and each one of us is a gift from the Gods, but no one should break our spirit.

The spirit is the most sensitive entity your body has

The spirit is the most sensitive entity your body has! If you got shot by a gun vs trust violated, I promise you the damage to your soul far outweighs the gunshot!

The only reason that I am sharing this is to ensure that when you call you will receive a fantastic reading and to do that you need to surrender control, come in it with love and light and believing in magic and release all anger and fears.

When someone barks at me, I usually know there is some baggage in their life and they are dragging all that trash into their reading.

I can’t work that way, with a person with polluted energy.

Imagine you spend hours cleaning your house mopping the floors and polishing the windows and your kids run in with feet soiled with mud and put their dirty hands on the windows.  Would you be happy? Or would you feel very angry because you felt that someone did not appreciate your time and work.  Chances are you’d be upset and feel

Unappreciated.  My point is you cannot maintain a clean inside if those from the outside contaminate it.  It messes up your spirit and then you perform sluggish.

This is why it’s so important

This is why it’s so important do not bring negative energy into a psychic reading.  When you ask someone for help you generally do it in a kind way “Could you please give me a ride my car is in the shop.” “Could I borrow ten bucks, please? I’ll pay you back.”  You usually get what you ask for because of how you asked.

Imagine if you said, “I need you to drive me to work, my cars in the shop!” Or “Give me ten bucks I’m broke!”

Odds are you won’t get a ride and you won’t get the cash, because your approach is ungracious and demanding.

Same principal applies when asking a reader for guidance, you can ask her or him for help; but they determine what method to use to give you that help.  They are the ones who know how to guide you and trust is what is needed here.

I’ve been a psychic professional for ten years

I’ve been a psychic professional for ten years and I love what I do, but I can honestly say the best readings happen when the caller just asks direct questions and does not tell me how to do the reading.

Remember it’s an energy exchange, if you’re not positive, you are negative.

I trust this will open your eyes to how to get the best readings, also one last point,  I feel that many people sometimes forget  compassion is essential and you are sharing intimate details about your life with someone who wants to help you.

But they may be going through something painful too, and they will not share that with you.  Be open to what is going on not only in your circle.

Your reader may have a sick parent or just had a death in the family so she is doing her best to maintain positive energy but is experiencing trauma.

You can help by being positive and the reading will be a great experience for both you and them!

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I’ll be on tomorrow get your reading with me

I’ll be on tomorrow get your reading with me, call 1-800-500-4155 and ask to speak with me! Eliza and they will schedule you for tomorrow.


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