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How do we Live in the Moment?

What should I do? And, what should I have done? What will happen tomorrow? For some of us, these questions constantly fly around our head, keeping us out of the very moment we’re in. We’re thinking about the past or the future; wishing we hadn’t said something or worrying that we won’t know what to do next time. We’re evaluating our past or trying to control our future.

How do we Live in the Moment? Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers. Call 1-800-500-4155 now!

While these two activities can help you to understand and navigate your life, these thoughts may create stress for your mind and body.

How do we concentrate on the present?

So how do we live in the moment? How do we concentrate on the present? The very first and most important thing you can do is breathe. Just concentrate on your breathing; notice how your abdomen expands and contracts. See if you can feel the air flowing through your nose and down into your lungs, then back out again. It’s a very simple act; one we take for granted. But without breath, we have no life. As our breath becomes regular, our stress level decreases. You can also lightly touch yourself on the forehead and as you do that, just imagine you are inside your body, looking out through your eyes. This is kind of like being inside your house, looking out your window.

As you feel yourself relax, take a calm look around

As you feel yourself relax, take a calm look around. Notice your environment as it is right now. Notice the colors, the people or nature. From a place of calm comes peace, understanding, and appreciation of this moment, right here, right now.

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Love and Blessings!

- Susan


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