Founder of Looking Beyond Master Psychics, Susan PageMission Statement

“Looking Beyond Master Psychics exists to provide high quality psychic readings and exceptional customer care. Our mission is to create a safe space for people to call and open up about their problems, and to provide insightful guidance that may help them to be happier and more confident as they move through life.”

About Our Service

We are a boutique style psychic reading service. We provide access to a small group of accuracy-tested, carefully selected psychic readers. We provide exceptional customer care for all our clients and are open daily from 8:30 am to midnight, pacific time. All psychic readings are done over the telephone and many of our psychic readers have been with us for more than 10 years.

Founded in 1989 by Susan Page

Susan Page founded Looking Beyond Master Psychics in 1989. She is a gifted Master Psychic Reader. Susan gained a large repeat client base in a short amount of time and needed help providing readings to her loyal clients. Susan decided to find like-minded, talented psychic readers to help her. This allowed her to help many more people than she could by herself. Now 29 years later, Susan no longer gives psychic readings but is still responsible for testing and selecting each psychic that becomes party of our family of gifted psychic readers. Each prospective psychic reader does a test reading for Susan. Susan looks for psychics who are very accurate and genuinely care for their clients. Only then is a Psychic asked to join our family of psychic readers.

Looking Beyond Master Psychics has helped thousands of people

In 29 years, Looking Beyond Master Psychics has helped thousands of people through tough times in their lives. Many of our psychic readers have been part of our family of psychics for more than 10 years. Making connections with our clients who continue to call us for insights and guidance into their lives to this day.

Gifted Master Psychic Readers

Our gifted master psychic readers are skilled in different areas of psychic phenomena. All the psychics are clairvoyant psychic readers and many have additional gifts. Some of our psychic readers are clairaudient or clairsentient. Other can channel information or receive medium messages. Some of our readers do readings about pets and some communicate with spirit guides. Most of our psychic readers specialize in giving love relationship advice and life coaching. Love is an integral part of life but can remain elusive or be difficult to sustain. Our psychics are there with you, providing insight and guidance to help you through tough time in your life. This can give you a renewed sense of purpose, allowing you to face life’s tough challenges with confidence.

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More about the history of Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot card readings are provided by many of our psychic readers. The psychics at Looking Beyond who provide Tarot Card Readings are highly skilled in Tarot, having perfected their Tarot Card Reading skills over many years. Reading Tarot Cards has become like second nature to our Psychic Readers. Tarot Cards provide a basis of understanding for our psychic readers who then use their clairvoyant ability to enhance what the Tarot Cards are showing. This combination can be highly effective, giving you a deep understanding of what is happening in your life.