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It is Hard to See Past Yesterday

I know it is hard to see past yesterday- why is it so hard?  We are conditioned & programmed to hold on to pain, to hold on to the things we did not do right-to the things that injure or hurt us. I invite you to practice releasing your pain- give your pain to God, and see the work he does through the Dr, through the Counselor, the clairvoyant, the teacher, through you!!

It is Hard to See Past Yesterday – Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers. Call 1-800-500-4155 now!

Practicing to release you from feeling there is no hope

Practicing to release the pain we hold on to so painfully. Will release you from feeling there is no hope of feeling better. We have to practice, to reprogram our receptors to condition ourselves. That we are perfect in Gods eyes. And, are able to release the hurt and invite the relief. To reprogram our anxious thoughts and to learn to stay in the moment. In the center and in the now to begin the healing is to release (we may not be able to completely forget the past but with practice-WE CAN!!!)

RELEASE the pain

So RELEASE all the pain, hurt, body/mind/spirit/even emotional- replace each pain with light, with happy memories or thoughts of what you want to happen—

It will get easier

It will get easier to meditate these good thoughts and this will help us to Re-Program our lives to what we truly deserve-

I pray daily and practice these techniques myself and know God is in everyone and everything and anything is possible! (Believe and Receive!)

Have a blessed day- spread the love and light! 


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