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Grounding Your Energy

You may have heard about grounding your energy. Grounding your energy is a form of centering yourself allowing you to regain your focus on life.

When is it a good time to ground yourself? I find for myself that when I’m not grounded, I’m kind of floating around my body, not inside my body. Maybe I am also feeling spacey, disorganized and even confused.

Those feeling are signaling me that I need to ground myself.

Many of us may think about grounding your energy as part of meditation and use techniques like imagining being connected to a tree trunk that has roots that go way down to the center of the earth. Of course anything you use personally that helps you feel connected and inside your body is perfect.

Grounding Your Energy. Call 1-800-500-4155 now.

Sitting down to focus on grounding is not always possible in that moment. So since I need to make grounding my energy easy for myself, I have been using anchors or triggers I set up to help me ground myself automatically.

Instead of putting up notes everywhere to remind, I set up everyday anchors

Instead of putting up notes everywhere to remind me to ground myself, I set up everyday anchors. For example, brushing my teeth, my computer, my car, the trees in my yard and my desk at work.

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I took a minute or so to look at each of these items. And, I sent loving energy to them and told them I would like to look at them as a reminder to my inner self and my body to ground me. I leave some of my energy and intention there. Later when it happens, it grounds me, I wake up in the moment and realize I’m grounded to the earth and to the Divine.

It may seem weird to you, but try it. Please let me know on our blog if it works for you. I would be very interested to know about your experience trying it and what your thoughts are about grounding.

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Love & Blessings Susan Page

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