“I am a compassionate and inspirational Psychic Reader. I combine my Psychic Ability and various tools to to give you perspective and insightful guidance to help on you life path” – Claire

Experience: Over 28 years

Gifts: Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Empath, Intuitive, Pet Psychic, Timing Major Life Events

Specialties:Love, Relationships, Career & Finance,Path finding, Emotional Well-Being, Past Life Interpretation, Family / Friends Issues, Pets, Spiritual Growth, Loss / Grieving, Life Coaching, Life Destiny MORE…

Tools: Astrology, Cartomancy, Crystals , Candlework , Chakras, Natalastrology, Numerology, Reiki, Spirit guides, Tarot, Druid Animal Oracle, Symbolon deck

I tailor my readings to the question that the client is asking. If it’s a relationship question, I like to look at their charts in the ephemeris and see how their planets complement each other. I always use intuition. People have told me that I’m an intuitive astrologer. I like to start with astrology because it tells me what the person is going through in that domain.

I use the Tarot cards to answer questions on what will happen, the Symbolon deck is good for tuning into feeling questions, and the Druid Animal Oracle is good for tuning into larger phases of a person’s life. Also, I like to use the Phoenix cards for tuning into the past life affecting someone currently.