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Creating Art

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Creating art is all about connecting to the Universal Psychic Energy in a more creative way to enhance your own life. So, ultimately, you are creating your art for you. But there is a special connection or transformation that can happen when you share your art with others.

Seeing your art reflected in another’s eyes gives it a completely new life

Seeing your art reflected in another’s eyes gives it a completely new life you may never have imagined.

Watching someone’s reaction as they read your poetry, hear your music or view your painting can be incredibly powerful.

It can also be very scary.

It’s natural to fear rejection

It is natural to fear rejection; we all do. And when we’ve created something from our hearts, we hope it will touch others the way it touched us as we were creating it. The truth is, everyone may not respond positively to your art, and that’s okay. Because someone, somewhere will. And that experience can change your life.  It is so important to hang on to your innate Psychic Spiritual Energy and remember what you created is truly a gift to you and to everyone else from the actual Source of Metaphysical and Psychic Energy. You may not even realized your art has been channeled to you and serves a very important purpose or feeling that is ready to be shared with others.

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