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Clairvoyant and Clairaudient Psychic Reader Annette

Clairvoyant and Clairaudient Psychic Reader Annette – Looking Beyond Psychics. Call 1-800-500-4155 now!

Hello, my name Is Annette and I have been a Psychic Reader at Looking Beyond Master Psychics for many years. Also, I enjoy helping my clients work through issues in their lives by giving them very accurate answers to their questions.

I am a Psychic Reader and Medium and I channel your Angels and Spirit Guides

Furthermore, I am a Psychic Medium and I channel your Angels and Spirit Guides to let you know what they would like you to know. I always start my session with asking my client, “what would you really like to know? What would give you peace and clarity, so when the Psychic Reading has concluded, you will feel satisfied? I always want to be able to get to the true resolution for the client given the limited time we have.

My specialties are Path Finding, Love, Relationships, Family, Emotional Issues

My specialties are Path Finding, Love, Relationships, Family, Emotional Issues, Soul Mate, Past Life, Finances, Pets, and Deceased Loved Ones. I cover such a wide area because I get that information with just a person’s name and date of birth. I tune into the accurate information you need and you can ask me all the questions you want, and I will answer them for you.

Some of the tools I use are Angel Cards, Tarot cards, and as I said I channel your Angels. Also, I consider myself a life coach, in a Spiritual Way, because I have studied much on the law of attraction, and the power of manifesting the good we want into our lives.

I consider myself, a Pro at Path Finding

I consider myself, a Pro at Path Finding. My client’s tell me that many things I have predicted for them have come true. I have a client, I always remember her because I was able to go 5 years into her future, and predict she would have a baby girl and she did!! I am also very good at suggesting the perfect tool to help you along your path, books, etc.

At the end of my Psychic Reading, I always read my client a passage from my book called Guidance from your angels, and there are angel cards, with it, and I read them the one their Angel wants them to know.

Client Testimonial-
“We always invite Annette back to our Psychic parties, because she can read for 50 people, and when they leave they all have smiles on their face!”

I feel the presence of Angels, I hear Angels talking to me, sometimes in the form of a song. Sometimes I just know, but that is what makes my readings unique and exciting!

Once I had an experience with Angels, I will never forget. It was dating a man, and I went to bed that night, and felt the presence of Angels around my bed. I heard them say, go to the party this man has invited you to, but go by yourself. And, I listened to my Angels and went by myself and he was there with another girl! Good to find out these things sooner, than later. I thank my angels for that.

I invite you to have a Psychic Reading with me Annette, you will find it very exciting, and learn much about yourself, and your concerns!

Just call and ask for Psychic Reader Annette at 1-800-500-4155.

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