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Channelling Clairaudient and Empathic Lili
Psychic Reading Experience:

16 years professional Psychic Reading experience

Psychic Gifts:

Channelling, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Empath, Intuitive, Past lives, soul progression

Psychic Reading Specialties:

Dream Interpretation, Emotional well-Being, Past Life Interpretation, Spiritual Growth, Path finding , Career & Finance, Family / Friends Issues , Love / sex / Relationships, Life Coaching, Life Destiny

Psychic Reading Tools:

Chakras, Reiki, Spirit guides, I find most tools confining and limiting. I use my guides and my inner knowing and extra senses. Reading energy and hearing and seeing the pictures/guidance I receive.

Psychic Reading Style:

Compassionate, Straightforward, Wise

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When and how did you discover you are Psychic?

This is a tough question for me, because I thought everyone had gifts like I do. When I shared my insights and impressions as a child, my parents decided I had a very active imagination and kind of brushed it all off. They were not spiritual people. So I had to carve my own path, which has strengthened my gifts and conviction.

Please give examples how you use your gifts and tools when giving Psychic Readings.

Lili uses her extra sensory perceptions and guides to channel information to you, and help you get the answers and guidance you need to find peace and further your understanding. She is dedicated to using her gifts to help others awaken to their beauty and power to create. She meets everyone where they are with the spiritual tools needed at the moment to give you the greatest amount of insight.

Please give some examples of the types of Psychic Readings you do based on your specialties.

People come to Lili to find answers to relationship challenges. People who seek spiritual growth and want to understand their life purpose. People making life transitions like a career change, or divorce. People who are in a bad marriage, women and men who were sexually abused. People who struggle with victimization and depression. People who have money blocks. Healers struggling with soul progression and people who generally feel stuck and depleted.

What has been your greatest moment as a Psychic Reader?

My greatest moments as a psychic are when I help people understand that their is nothing wrong with them and they are able to gain new awareness about their lives and themselves without judgement.

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Many blessings to you,

– Lili

– Lili’s Client Testimonials –

Gifted Intuitive and Healer. – Brandon

I reached out to Lili when I was in a funk and really needing some help getting past the blocks that seemed to keep me stuck. I can say that as a psychic and intuitive myself she is the real deal. It is not often that I meet people who can follow along and say what I am seeing before I even mention it. She read parts of my soul group that I was sensing that were staying hidden and helped me bring them into the light. The blocks I was experiencing seemed to dissolve and the next day I became very motivated and feeling light and found my flow returning to me again. Very grateful for the blessings of her gifts.

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Clairvoyant and Clairaudient Psychic Reader Annette

Clairvoyant and Clairaudient Psychic Reader Annette

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Hello, my name Is Annette and I have been a Psychic Reader at Looking Beyond Master Psychics for many years. I enjoy helping my clients work through issues in their lives by giving them very accurate answers to their questions. I am a Psychic Reader and Medium and I channel your Angels and Spirit Guides I […]

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