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Inspiration – Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers. What inspires you? Can you take a moment and ask yourself? If you don’t hear anything, try taking a deep breath and ask again.

Another way to find what things inspire you is to remember what you liked to do as a child, or better yet, what did you day dream about when you were a child?When you get an idea of what inspires you, how do you feel? Do you want to jump up and get started on your inspiration?  Do you feel like your inspiration is out of the question, or do you want to put off thinking about it for now?

One of the reasons we may not follow through is we are so very busy these days. We might even feel like our inspiration is just one more thing we have to do. When you get an inspired thought, keep it as simple as possible so you don’t become over whelmed. Break it down into baby steps. That way you can feel more comfortable even if your inspiration seems unrealistic in the beginning. Inspiration – Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers, continued.

Here is an example: you get an inspiration to go to Europe. Your first reaction is, “impossible. This is too huge for me to even think about.” So, to keep it simple, you might want to read about places in Europe you would like to visit. You might want to check packages and air fares, just so you really can figure out costs. You might want to start saving change in an “I’m going to Europe” jar.

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The most important thing about following through with an inspired thought is our intention. If we just get really clear with our intention, the universe can hear you and start to help. I have a friend who can feel angels around her. When she gets really clear about what she wants, she asks her angels to help her. Then she lets go of any worry or “what if’s” or “I can’t” and lets the universe go to work to help her.

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If we remember we are not alone and that God wants us to be happy and have what we want, we can create wonderful miracles in our lives.

Get inspired, have a clear intention, put your inspiration out into the universe and let it go. Watch and see what happens.

You just might be amazed!


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I’m interested in someone, but not sure how to pursue them…

Looking Beyond Newsletter Graphic_750x1500I’m interested in someone, but not sure how to pursue them – Looking Beyond Master Psychics. Love is fickle. When it comes to matters of the heart, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach that works. Each person is different and that plays a role in how they pursue someone that they’re interested in, romantically.

If you’re the type of person who has a tendency to lay low and hope that the Universe brings you and your soulmate together, you’re already missing the point. You can’t expect someone to know what you want, if you’re not willing to initiate the conversation.

You have to do the work to reap the benefits, right? It goes without saying that every relationship starts with a connection. If you’re not comfortable putting it all on the line by telling a person how you feel about them, there are some ways to get to know how they feel about you before you pursue them.

I’m interested in someone, but not sure how to pursue them – Looking Beyond Master Psychics, continued.

The first, is to pay close attention to their body language whenever you’re around them. Do they seem comfortable in your presence? Are they standing or sitting close to you? If they are, they’re likely to feel comfortable being with you.

I’m interested in someone, but not sure how to pursue them – Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers

Pay close attention to their eyes as well. Do they maintain eye contact or look down while speaking? If they don’t look at you while they talk, they may be uncomfortable or bored.

Another thing to look for in a potential mate is how they treat others when they’re around you. If they’re quick to judge or comment, they’re not going to be very forgiving of your actions. Keep this in mind when approaching someone you like because it’s a good indication of how they’ll treat you.

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You don’t have to ask them out right away, if you don’t want to. And, you can let them know that you’re interested by showing them that they’re important to you. You can let someone know you’re interested by engaging with them while you’re out, liking their posts on social media, and finding ways to spend time with them in person and online.

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Why Am I Having Trouble Finding a Job?

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Why Am I Having Trouble Finding a Job? – Looking Beyond Master Psychics. If you’re not having much luck finding a job, it has less to do with your resume and more to do with the energy blocks in your body. Energetically, you’re putting out vibes that other people, like employers, can pick up on. That’s why you’re not finding work as quickly as you’d like.

When you’re stuck emotionally, it keeps you from moving forward with your life physically. That’s why your phone isn’t ringing with job offers. Even if you mean well, you won’t experience great success professionally or financially until you’ve moved past whatever it is blocking you.

Clearing energy blocks takes time and diligence. It doesn’t happen overnight. You can, however, learn to release blocked energy in stages.

It starts with admitting that you have a problem. Then, you have to mindfully lift that energy out of your body. Picture placing it far away from where you’re sitting or standing.

Why Am I Having Trouble Finding a Job? – call 1-800-500-4155 now!

This is one way to get real about what is happening to you. Without awareness of the issue, you’re not able to heal it. Once that energy is safely outside of you, you’ll see it as neutral and worth changing.

Transmitting that energy requires you to make it spin and dissolve. Saying an affirmation helps. State that you are dissolving the block once and for all.

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Then, where the blocked energy once was, give yourself what is known as an energy massage. State that you feel well and are open to receiving what life has to offer. This affirms that you are ready for good things to happen to you.

Removing energy blocks helps with all areas of your life, not just professional and financial. The reason why you didn’t receive numerous job offers in the past was due to the fact that you weren’t ready to move forward energetically. Once you get past these obstacles, you open the door for good things to happen to you.

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How Do I Keep Myself Open to Finding Love?

Looking Beyond Newsletter Graphic 2_750X1500How Do I Keep Myself Open to Finding Love? – Looking Beyond Master Psychics. If you’re on the hunt for the right person to share your heart with, you know what a rollercoaster of emotions it can be. Not every relationship involves a long-term commitment and for some, that can be very frustrating. If you’re tired of looking for someone to share your time with and feel the toll of unauthentic partners affecting your feelings about love and commitment, know that you’re not alone. Many people stop looking for meaningful relationships because they feel like there isn’t anyone worth connecting with on a deeper level anymore.

If that sounds like you, don’t give up hope. The world is full of heart-centered, intuitive people like yourself. The problem is that you might be missing them wherever you go.

For example, are you going places with the hopes of meeting people to mingle with? Are these places that fit you as a person? Do they align with your values and relationship goals?

If they don’t, this could very well be why you’re having a problem meeting a suitable partner! Too often, we feel like we have to conform to society’s standards to appear normal or attractive to another person. This isn’t necessarily the case because no other trait in the world is more appealing than authenticity.

How Do I Keep Myself Open to Finding Love? call 1-800-500-4155 now!

If you genuinely love yourself as a person and do things that make you feel good, you’ll attract the right people to you. It’s the law of attraction at work. Like attracts like, so the better you feel about yourself, the better other people feel about you, too.

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Before hanging your head in defeat wondering where you’re going wrong relationship-wise, why not ask yourself if the places you’re hanging out in are the places that reflect your heart’s purpose? If the answer is “No,” reroute and go where you belong. You’ll meet people with similar values, goals, and interests that way.

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Learn more about your future love life with Looking Beyond

Psychic reading has been gaining popularity in recent years, and according to U.S. Market statistics is actually a mature share of the national economy. This basically means, this valuable service is not going anywhere – it is here to stay. With that kind of stability, it is easy to see why some psychic reading services who have also been around for a while have found a solid niche in the American marketplace. As they have grown their business in helping people, they have become more secure and stable as well.

This is not a newsflash for Susan Page, founder of Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers. Having started her business in 1989, Susan has built her following up one satisfied customer at a time and she has built her reputation in the same manner. Today, anyone in the psychic reading business knows the name of Susan Page. She is known for accurate reading and exacting detail so that customers are always getting the correct and timely information they are desperately looking for.

Call 1-800-500-4155 to learn more about your future love life with Looking Beyond

The goal of Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers is to provide caring and support to their customers who are often going through rough times when they are reaching out for information that could help them. Susan believes that she and her staff are part of each
customer’s healing process when they have these rough times. And as things start getting better, these customers become lifelong customers who rely on Susan’s deeply thorough guidance in matters large and small.

Gaining insight into your life and your particular situations when they are overwhelming you is invaluable. That is the purpose of psychic reading at the end of the day. Helping people learn who they really are and how they can best fit in with their life in the world. No matter if the situation is regarding love or relationships or finding out about career choices or trying to handle grief from loss of a loved one, Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers is able to help all clients reach some kind of peace and understanding.

Psychic Reading Testimonial, I want to thank Looking Beyond because they really have the best psychic readers. I personally talked with Patrick. He is very accurate, he is amazing! Thanks for being honest and always telling me the truth.” - G

Customers love psychic reading from Looking Beyond – they put their thoughts out there on the website all the time because they have found something that works for them on a deep level. And when you deal with masters in their art, you can love psychic guidance as well. It is so easy to love them and the service they provide because they add so much to your life. Joy that comes from being able to better navigate your life is harder to come by than you might think, so finding someone like Susan Page or one of her master psychic readers can feel like the key that unlocks the mystery of life.

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One customer stated “…she was very positive, insightful, and encouraging. I will be calling her again!”. These testimonials are received for Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers all the time. Satisfied customers who want to reach out to Looking Beyond again and again because of their positive results. You can be blessed with the same results when you contact Looking Beyond Master Psychics Readers.

Call 1-800-500-4155 now for your Love Psychic ReadingLove & Blessings from Susan Page who founded Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers in 1989

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The Holidays are Here - Blog post by Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers. Call 1-800-500-4155 now!
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The Holidays are Here

Holidays are Here and this time of year brings lots of cheer but also some stress as people try to figure out, once again, the perfect gift for everyone on their gift list. Cost is also an issue, especially when the economy has been struggling. But you don’t have to spend a lot or go out of your way to give gifts that are appreciated. Here are just a few ideas of heartfelt gifts for the holidays and how to figure out what people really want.

Pay attention

People tend to talk about the things they’re interested in. So if you know someone well enough, you’ll know that they love gardening, writing or have a favorite restaurant. Once you narrow down the subjects that someone is interested in, it’s much easier to find a gift that they’ll like.

Subject specific gifts

Does your friend like to write? Give her a blank journal. Does dad like to travel? Give him a book about traveling around the world. Does your best friend love to garden? Get her new tools. They’ll appreciate the fact that you know them so well.

Handmade gifts

If you love to knit, paint, draw, sculpt or any other creative hobby, then you can custom-make a gift for everyone you know. Choose each person’s favorite color and make a gift. If someone likes to collect elephants, sculpt one for them. Even more, anything that is created with love specifically for the receiver of the gift will go over really well. “You made this for me? Wow!”

The Holidays are Here. Call 1-800-500-4155 now.

Framed old photographs

Whether it’s your parents’ wedding picture or you and your best friend in the kiddie pool when you were five, pictures that evoke heartfelt emotions are great gifts. If it’s a picture they haven’t seen in years, but reminds them of a wonderful time in their lives, it’s an especially heartwarming gift.

Gift certificates

Certainly, if you can spend a little more, gift certificates give people a chance to get exactly what they want for the holidays. If you can afford a dinner for two at your brother’s favorite restaurant, give him a gift certificate. They can also be used for bookstores, music stores, electronic stores and online places.

Give the gift of a Psychic Reading for the holidays

You can give your loved one or friend the gift of a Psychic Reading from Looking Beyond. Simply call 1-800-500-4155 and let the customer care representative know you are buying a reading for someone and they will get you taken care of for you.

Give the gift of a Psychic Reading, call 1-800-500-4155 nowLove & Blessings from Susan Page who founded Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers in 1989