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Beginner and Intermediate Yoga

Yoga is a low-impact way to exercise the mind and body, with the goal to achieve harmony with the self. Practicing yoga can help you with many aspects of your life, such as mental balance, sleeping Better, Boost Immunity, and even Boost Sexual Performance.

Beginner Yoga

If you’ve never done yoga, don’t worry; there are two types that are excellent for beginners: Hatha yoga and Iyengar yoga.

Hatha yoga focuses on integrating your breathing into each pose as you hold it for a few seconds. As a gentle practice, it’s a great first step to learning how to move slowly and smoothly through different asanas (poses). Stretching and working your muscles can help you to become more flexible in your body and your mind. This can also reduce stress.

Iyengar yoga is quite similar but focuses more on body alignment and balance.  You’ll also hold poses longer in this form of yoga, and can use props like straps, blankets and blocks to help support your body.

Beginner and Intermediate Yoga. Call 1-800-500-4155 now!

Both Iyengar and Hatha are great ways to start exploring yoga.

Look for a class or a beginner’s DVD and start experiencing the benefits of yoga for yourself.

Intermediate Yoga

If you think you’re ready for more of a challenge, then Kundalini yoga may be for you.

Whereas Hatha focuses on integrating your breath into the movement and Iyengar focuses on body alignment and balance, Kundalini focuses on moving through the poses rapidly.  So if you understand the movement and yoga breath and have a good feel for what the balance and body alignment for each pose should be, then you have a good foundation for Kundalini yoga.

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Chanting and meditation is also emphasized, which contributes to the more spiritual feel of Kundalini yoga.

So if you’re new to yoga, Kundalini is not the place to start.  But once you’ve educated yourself through classes and/or DVD’s it’s a great idea to challenge yourself to the next level.  Practicing yoga often reveals life metaphors to the individual – and growing as a person is definitely one of them.

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