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Automatic Writing – What is it?

Automatic Writing – What is it? Well for starters; the word automatos is Greek meaning self-moving or self-thinking, which is precisely the process of automatic writing.

Automatic Writing – What is it? – Looking Beyond Psychic Readers. Call 1-800-500-4155 now!

One is not conscious of what they are writing in other words you hear the dialogue in your head, I’ll give you an example in this blog.

Automatic Writing at Looking Beyond. Call 1-800-500-4155 now.

As I am writing it a door opens up and I walk through it; standing before me is the god Apollo, tall, beautiful blond and shining, I do not speak and he smiles at me, and still I refuse to speak finally the silence is broken when he approaches me and says, “You know Apollonia, just because you do not say anything to me does not mean I am not in the room, nor does that mean I am not real, food for thought lass.

Automatic writing is when your fingers write what your spirit hears

Also I brought you a gift.”  He hands me a blue rose, the symbol of Elven Beauty. I accept it and with a wave of my hand it disappears reappearing in a crystal vase.

Then the doors of the castle swing open and the God Zeus enters the foyer and approaches the grand hall, I look at him, “Does anyone care that I’m trying to explain to humans about automatic writing?!” I bark irritated at all the distraction, to which Zeus smiles and says, “Don’t let me disturb you, I’m just assisting you, in case you haven’t noticed you are doing automatic writing this very moment!”  Then lets out a great boisterous laugh!”

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