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How To Astral Travel

How To Astral Travel – Looking Beyond Master Psychic Readers. Call 1-800-500-4155 now!

To begin with let’s discuss what astral travel is; we have the physical body which is associated with movement and thought so that is your body in which your spirit resides in. Now while the spirit is in you, you do things like walking, talking, eating and your everyday in-body experiences this includes sex, laughing all of these things require a body! But remember this the spirit is light it has no substance so it can enter whatever form it desires, and right now as uncomfortable as it is for your spirit it’s in your body.

The spirit has no vices

The spirit has no vices, where I come from there are no cigarettes no one smokes unless you are a forty thousand year old dragon. Consequently, we show tolerance to the smoke consumption. Much as, other worlds have other life standards, in my world we are at peace with every single entity be them Elven Droll Tibean or even Vampire. We have no qualms with anyone.  But let’s stay back on topic,

Let’s learn how to astral travel.

So, first open your mind to the concept that you are only a small part of a greater picture.  Understand Earth is just one world in a galaxy and dimension of over hundreds billions of other worlds!!  You are not! The only living life form!  This is step one.

Now for beginners

Most noteworthy, for beginners before you consider astral travel find yourself a spirit guide.  “WHY?!”

Because, most inexperienced people don’t have the courage to let go and allow themselves an out of body experience which gives the spirit freedom to travel outside your body!

So, most who are new to the concept become scared and question if it’s safe, will they die! They become stressed and fearful and you cannot transport the spirit into another dimension when you are holding on so tightly to it!!

So I will use myself as an example of what astral travel is, since I’ve been doing it for ten years over!!  I do it every single day and sometimes when I’m in bed trying to sleep!

Let’s begin with the spirit guide

So, let’s begin with the spirit guide. Now let me just say you don’t choose your spirit guide they choose you!  Furthermore, if we chose our guides; I promise you, all mine would be white Persian kitty cats!! Sadly, that’s not the case. I’ve had winged horses, cheetahs I’ve had a bat! So let’s see who I get this time.

First put yourself in a forest like this one, full of green grass tall trees and animals. A monkey jumps on a tree and start jumping up and down. Then a deer walks in my path and a winged horse and a merman.

Now there are too many so what you say is “All of you leave except for my spirit guide my spirit guide approach me?”

The merman stepped up and a fairy did also.

“Okay so there are two of you, now first of all I need to say, I tend to be a bit bold so when you speak with yours don’t follow how I talk it’s not advisable.  Walks up to the merman, “Who the hell are you?”

“My name is Prince Levion I was sent by your uncle Poseidon to be your guide my lady!”

I walked up to the fairy, “Speak!”

“I’m Lireena the Queen of the fairies  Lavender sent me to be your guide.”

I looked at both, “I only need one of you.”

“That would be me, her uncle sent me, and you may leave!” The merman prince said curtly.

“Excuse me! I am here on the queen’s behalf.”

“A fairy queen, how droll!”

Most of all, she frowned at the merman, “You insolent salmon!”

“Enough!  Suppose I want neither of you?”

Therefore, Diana the Goddess appears, “Emerald family first choose the prince.”

“Done you may go,” I said to the fairy.”

“Do send my regards to her majesty!”  The Merman said sarcastically.

The fairy vanished and the merman smiled at me.

He took his hand and waved it and the ocean appeared, he smiled at me.

“Ladies first.”

“Excuse me?”

“Dive into it.”  He said smiling.

“NO!” I protested.

So he pushed me in and down the ocean we went I saw my hair flying all around me and then I swam up for air.  “Damn!! It!!”  I barked.

I am all wet!”

The merman grabbed me back down by my legs and underneath the waters we went.

As soon as I stopped fighting I noticed how amazing the world bellow the ocean was.

A castle made of coral and crystal was in the horizon.  We swam towards it.

Sea horses so big, that mermaids and merman rode on their backs.

How To Astral Travel – Call 1-800-500-4155 now!

As a result, I heard the laughter of sirens as they taunted ships!

In addition, a seahorse passed us by with a King’s messenger on it.

“Let me take you to your uncle my lady!”  He said.

“I will do that,” answered the prince.

As a result, we entered the coral and crystal castle it was glistening with an opulent chandelier overhead.  Furthermore, as we swam in I saw sitting on a throne a familiar figure.

“Uncle?”  I said confused.

“When did you grow a tail?” I asked.

Finally, he laughed, “I have many forms Apollonia, come in and let’s talk.

Even more, the tall doors to his fortress closed behind us.

Congratulations!  In case you are unaware, you just astral traveled.

So, this is a real underwater world and the merman is real, Poseidon is real and so am I.

Thanks for reading this blog,

call 1-800-500-4155 now!


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