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Attaining What You Know You Deserve

Attaining What You Know You Deserve – Looking Beyond Master Psychics. Have you ever wanted something you know you deserve, but cannot seem to have? Have you noticed others who have this and wonder what is going on? When you think of this issue, perhaps a relationship or a job, how do you feel? If it brings joy to you, just hang on, as it is mostly likely coming right towards you.

If you feel sad, dread, guilty or just plain uncomfortable, that might be the reason this thing you want has not been able to reach you….yet. Attaining What You Know You Deserve – Looking Beyond Master Psychics, continued. It’s ok if you feel negative emotions about something you want. Just simply acknowledging these emotions, bringing them into the light of awareness, can be the first step in transforming them.  It is when we keep this emotion a secret from ourselves that they tend to stay buried and more in unconscious control.

So, how about really bringing these negative emotions into the light by actually looking at them and even writing them down?  You can even remember, perhaps long ago when you first had these thought or first started feeling these feelings.

Attaining What You Know You Deserve – Looking Beyond Master Psychics

Back then, there was probably a good cause to think these things and feel this way, but remember today is a brand new day. It is time to have what you want!

After you examine these thoughts and feelings, try putting some distance between them and you. What I mean by this is look at them from a point of view of a wise person who is loving, understanding and wants what you want for yourself. Go ahead and flow some loving, healing energy to them.

Attaining What You Know You Deserve – Looking Beyond Master Psychics, continued. When you get yourself in a place where you can think these thoughts and feel these emotions with love and smile at them with compassion, you are ready to move forward. As a reminder of what you will be creating, it may help to cut pictures from and magazine and create a collage with them.

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For example, if you want a relationship, find pictures of happy couples that make you smile. If you want a job, find pictures of people doing what you would like to do.

When you have changed your energy and your feelings about what you want and you can think about it with joy, hang on! It is certainly headed your way!

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