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- Different Types of Psychic Mediums -

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  If you’re just being introduced to the world of psychics, the word “medium” can be a confusing one. It actually refers to two different things. “Mediums” can refer to actual people who are psychic intuitive healers and the words are often interchangeable. But “medium” also refers to the different types of tools that a psychic might use to connect to the Universal Energy. So there are several different types of psychic mediums.

Perhaps you’ve heard of a psychic empath, psychic intuitive healers or psychic clairvoyant readings. All of these terms involve psychic awareness on the part of an individual who uses a specific tool to connect to the Universal Energy to find answers to your important questions.

All of Looking Beyond’s Master Psychics have an incredibly high level of psychic awareness that allows them to focus directly on your questions and then give very accurate readings. Here are some of our different types of psychic mediums:

The psychic empath is a Master Psychic who is able to feel a situation. He or she can emotionally put him or herself into the shoes of the client and can feel whatever the client may be feeling when answering a question. Joy, discomfort, confusion…any emotion can be felt by a psychic empath.

Psychic clairvoyant readings are given by Master Psychics who can visualize a situation. In their mind’s eye they can see the client in the situation and give guidance as to how to proceed.

Just as a clairvoyant can see things, a clairaudient Master Psychic is able to hear sounds pertaining to a specific question. A channeler allows spirits or other entities (often loved ones that have passed on) to speak through them.

Looking Beyond’s Master Psychics encompass many different types of psychic mediums, but all of them are fully gifted psychics and are able to answer any question you may have. We invite you to call today to speak to the one that may be right for you. If you don’t connect with a Master Psychic within the first five minutes, please call back to find a reader you do connect with. Your five minutes will be credited to speak with a second reader. Get the guidance you need right now. Call 1-800-710-2060 to give yourself the gift of clarity.

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